Saint Barthélemy


8,450 people





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Area in square kilometers

21 km2
The location of Saint Barthélemy An enlargeable map of the French Overseas Collectivity of Saint Barthélemy See also: Index of Saint Barthélemy-related articles The Collectivity of Saint Barthélemy is an overseas collectivity of France located in the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea.
An enlargeable satellite image of Saint Barthélemy Main article: Environment of Saint Barthelemy * Climate of Saint Barthélemy * Environmental issues in Saint Barthelemy * Ecoregions in Saint Barthelemy * Renewable
The Collectivity of Saint Barthélemy is a member of: * Universal Postal Union (UPU) * World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) Law and order in Saint Barthelemy Main article: Law of Saint Barthelemy
Saint Barthélemy is also known as Saint Barths, Saint Barth, Saint Barts or St. Bart's. Until recently it was a part of Guadeloupe, but in 2007 it became an overseas collectivity of France.
Christopher Columbus, who discovered Saint Barthélemy in 1493, named the island after his brother Bartolomeo. The island wasn't settled until 1648 however, when French colonists from St Kitts made their home there.
Saint Barthélemy is an island roughly 250 km off the east coast of Puerto Rico and near the islands of Anguilla, Saint Martin and Saba. There are several small islets off the coast of the main island.
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