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Honeymoon in Martinique, top caribbean destination Martinique, named Best Caribbean Destination in 2010, is one of the most romantic island in the Caribbean.
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Martinique (French pronunciation: ) is an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea, with a land area of 1,128 km2 (436 sq mi). Like Guadeloupe, it is an overseas region of France, consisting of a single overseas department.
departments, Martinique is one of the twenty-seven regions of France (being an overseas region) and an integral part of the Republic. The first European to encounter the island was Christopher Columbus in 1502.
information: Communes of the Martinique department and Cantons of the Martinique department Martinique is divided into four arrondissements, 34 communes, and 45 cantons.
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Martinique in international football. The team is controlled by the Ligue de Football de la Martinique (English: Martinique Football League), a local branch of French Football Federation (French: Fédération Française de Football).
Martinique are the current champions of the Coupe de l'Outre-Mer.
Martinique is, however, a member of CONCACAF and CFU and is eligible for all competitions organized by both organizations.
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Martinique's sugar exports made it one of France's most valuable colonies; although slavery was abolished in 1848, sugar continued to hold a dominant position in the economy.
Martinique supported the Vichy regime after France's collapse in World War II, but in 1943 a U.S. naval blockade forced the island to transfer its allegiance to the Free French.
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The Martinique Guide is your comprehensive travel companion to the island of Martinique. From currency exchange rates to detailed resorts listings, we've got all the information you need to transform your fantasies into the perfect French Caribbean vacation.
There really is no wrong time to visit Martinique, but based on your travel style and the activities you'd like to participate in, you may want to plan your vacation during a specific season...
As the sun sets on Martinique, a whole new set of opportunities becomes available to the island's guests. Whether you prefer kicking back with a cold one and watching the game in a pub, or dancing to biguine music until dawn, Martinique has it all...
Martinique is a Caribbean island that is an overseas department of France in the Caribbean Sea, north of St. Lucia and south of Dominica.
Map of MartiniqueMap of Martinique Cities - * Fort-de-France : Capital. * Le Carbet : * Le Diamant : Beach town facing the iconic Diamond Rock.
Martinique is an overseas department of France and retains both French and Caribbean culture. The island cuisine is a superb blend of French and Creole cooking that is worth trying.
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The current time and date in Martinique is 5:23 AM Thursday, June 30, 2011 Standard Time -0400 UTC Martinique as a marked location on the globe More options on WorldTimeServer.
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By AUSTIN CONSIDINEAffordable Caribbean: MartiniqueLarissa Dooley for The New York Times With a little creativity, shoestring travelers can enjoy the island’s sun-dappled sands and wonderful Creole cuisine without going broke.
Ah Oui, Chic Martinique Is Doable Again By GLENN and SARAH COLLINSOctober 29, 2006 With direct flights and more hotels, this European paradise is now eminently doable for Americans.
''WHAT, Martinique again?'' my husband, Max, said last winter when I told him I wanted to spend a week there. He's a man who likes to vacation in capitals of civilization, not paradises ...
richness of Martinique's sugarcane plantocracy, of rhum and the legacy of slavery. The aristocratic planters are gone, but some things haven't changed so much.
Martinique cuisine is a fusion of African and French and is certainly more international and sophisticated than that of its immediate island neighbors...
Martinique is a polite society. Doors will open to you and you will win the favor of the Martinicans if you demonstrate proper French manners...
Martinique crashed in Venezuela, killing all 160 people aboard.
Canada defeats Haiti, 2-0, and Costa Rica defeats Martinique, 2-0, in Concacaf Gold Cup soccer tournament January 20, 2002MORE ON MARTINIQUE AND: SOCCER, CANADA, COSTA RICA, HAITI, CONCACAF WORLD CUP ARTS ABROAD; Finding Cultural Roots in the Rhythms of Carnival By PETER WATROUS
Carnival is celebrated in Martinique; Martinique is celebrating 150th anniversary of abolition of slavery, and subject pervasively ripples through four days of carnival; photo of revelry March 3, 1998MORE ON MARTINIQUE AND: SLAVERY, CARNIVAL (PRE-LENTEN) No Thanks! And You Can Tell It to
Martinique is for (beach) lovers. And foodies. And divers. And hikers. And, especially, Francophiles. A marriage of Gallic culture and Caribbean customs, this overseas department of France is a sunnier, slightly less crowded version of the motherland.
Pelée, which wiped out Martinique’s former capital of St-Pierre in 1902. There’s plenty of hiking and nature-watching on the slopes of the volcano. And since this is often called the ‘Isle of Flowers’ there are botanical gardens tucked into the rugged landscape.
Martinique in full bloom. Everything, from bougainvillea and hibiscus to lotus, will be flowering amid dense, intensely green vegetation.
-mile) Martinique is blessed with a hot and humid tropical climate, abundant precipitation, and loamy volcanic soil—all the ingredients for a voluptuous garden ecosystem.
Like many islands in the West Indies, Martinique was colonized by France centuries ago, and today is an overseas department and region of France.
Martinique hotels cater to a variety of tastes, but not necessarily a variety of budgets. For the cheapest rates, plan a visit for late spring. Otherwise, you'll shell out at least ...
The best time to visit Martinique is either May or June. Temperatures stay consistent in the 80s for all of the year, but there is a chance of hurricanes in summer.
Martinique Precipitation (in) Temperature Precipitation Getting Around Martinique - Martinique Neighborhoods - At 425 square miles, Martinique is the largest of the Windward Islands,
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on Martinique's Buses Information on Martinique's Buses Buses offer an inexpensive and exciting way to travel through Martinique. Ferry and Boating Options Ferry and Boating Options A ferry can be a great way to get around.
Spend time exploring Martinique on your own with a rental car. Learn about costs and fees associated with this type of travel. Martinique's Cabs Martinique's Cabs Hailing a taxi is a great quick and easy way to get around Martinique.
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Martinique and is a testament to mass tourism. If you escape away a little distance though, you can find more attractive and calming villages such as Grand Anse and Anse d’Arlet.
Martinique is a good place for a scenic drive, with both the N2 coastal road and the N3 Route de la Trace offering interesting scenery and a number of smaller stops for museums, gardens and plantation estates.
MartiniqueA modest number of travelers pay Martinique a.. ADD TO LIST Petite AnsePetite Anse isn't a popular stop for travelers.. ADD TO LIST Sainte-AnneFew travelers make their way to Sainte-Anne when.. ADD TO LIST Fort-de-FranceFort-de-France attracts its fair share of..
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