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As with the other overseas departments, Guadeloupe is also one of the 27 regions of France (being an overseas region) and an integral part of the Republic.
Guadeloupe is not part of the Schengen Area. The prefecture and the capital of Guadeloupe is Basse-Terre. Christopher Columbus named the island Santa María de Guadalupe in 1493 after the Virgin Mary, venerated in the Spanish town of Guadalupe, in Extremadura.
island of Guadeloupe in 1493, although the fruit had long been grown in South America. He called it piña de Indias, meaning "pine of Indies.
Until 2007 Guadeloupe also included the dependencies of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin (the northern two-thirds of the island of Saint Martin), located 150 mi (240 km) to the northwest. Basse-Terre city was founded in 1643.
occupied Guadeloupe for short periods in the 18th – 19th century; the islands became officially French in 1816. In 1946 they were made a department of France.
from the soul of Guadeloupe, which lies in its small inns and B&B-style gites, rustic harborfront cafes, and beachside seafood shacks. The language and laws here are Gallic (the island has been a French administrative center since the 18th c.
Map of GuadeloupeMap of Guadeloupe Islands - * Basse Terre: green and lush vegetation, mountainous with a sulphuric volcano.
Guadeloupe has been a French possession since 1635 except for the years 1813-1814 when it came into Swedish possession as a consequence of the Napoleonic Wars.
Guadeloupe is an archipelago of nine inhabited islands, including Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, La Desirade, Iles des Saintes (2), Saint-Barthelemy, Iles de la Petite Terre, and Saint-Martin (French part of the island of Saint Martin).
Guadeloupe mixes the best of France – a fully modern infrastructure and fantastic food – with a local culture that people here are proud of and want to share.
Official website of Guadeloupe's General Council (in French). Préfecture de la Région Guadeloupe Official information site for the Region Guadeloupe (in French). Ministère de l'Outre-Mer Site of the French ministry for the overseas territories.
Saint-Jean, Guadeloupe - Photo: Michel Hasson News Caribbean Net News Caribbean Net News with Caribbean and Guadeloupe related news. Daily Herald St. Martin newspaper.
Guadeloupe radio sttion based on St. Barthélemy. Arts & Culture BondaManjak Guadeloupe and Martinique news and events.
Guadeloupe is an archipelago located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, with a land area of 1,780 square kilometers, ten times the size of Washington, D.C.. Geologically, it is very diverse, ranging from high mountains to flat plains.
Guadeloupe was colonized by France and is an overseas department of that nation. As part of France, Guadeloupe is a member of the European Union and its currency is the euro.
Guadeloupe's economic dependence upon France binds the two. Contents - * 1 Geography * 1.
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Guadeloupe's queen of the forest Guadeloupe's queen of the forest © All Rights Reserved cpcoelho Named 'The Island of Beautiful Waters' by the Carib Indians who inhabited it at the time of its discovery, Guadeloupe's 'beautiful
And Guadeloupe's interesting mix of cultures (the people are a hybrid of French, African and East Indian) makes for a varied and unique people group. But nothing beats the Caribbean attraction.
Guadeloupe in 1635, took possession of the island and wiped out many of the Carib Amerindians. It was annexed to the kingdom of France in 1674. Over the next century, the island was seized several times by the British.
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Guadeloupe is not like France, it is France - a French Overseas Departement, something like Hawaii's relationship with the US. This island has served as a French West Indies administrative centre since the 1700s.
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Comprised of five main islands, Guadeloupe is a unique blend of France and the tropics, well seasoned by African and South Asian culture.
Guadeloupe is dotted with old forts and colonial homes, while local markets burst with color and activity; the latter, along with the weekly oxen pulls and cock fights, are a great place to absorb local culture.
Guadeloupe has both Atlantic and Caribbean beaches, some with shimmering white sand, others volcanic black. On Guadeloupe's Grande Terre island, where coral reefs often create shallow lagoons, Caravelle beach, trimmed with palms, is one of the most beautiful.
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Guadeloupe is an island group or archipelago located in the eastern Caribbean Sea at , with a land area of 1,628 square kilometres (629 sq. mi). It is an overseas department of France.
As part of France, Guadeloupe is part of the European Union; hence, as for most EU countries, its currency is the euro. Guadeloupe is however not party to the Schengen Agreement. The capital of Guadeloupe is Basse-Terre.
first European to land on Guadeloupe in November 1493, seeking fresh water. He called it Santa María de Guadalupe de Extremadura, after the image of the Virgin Mary venerated at the Spanish monastery of Villuercas, in Guadalupe, Extremadura.
Guadeloupe is yet another destination in the Caribbean with strong ties to Europe. Like Martinique, the refinement and sophistication of rich Parisian streets remain on Guadeloupe Island, even if most of the French seemed to have deserted the island years ago.
Though Guadeloupe technically refers to a handful of French islands in the West Indies (including St. Barts and St.
The most popular Guadeloupe beach in this area is the Plage de Grande Anse, on the north coast of Basse Terre nearby the burgeoning town of Deshaies.
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Guadeloupe is an integral part of France so it has the same rules as France, which you can get from France's page.
From Guadeloupe, to travel in the surrounding places, here is an idea of the prices (roundtrip): Trinidad ~250 €, Barbade ~260 €, Puerto Rico ~300 €, Dominican Republic ~350 €, Cuba ~550 € There is an Air Pass to travel between most of the
guadeloupe picture print this map print this map Guadeloupe description On November 3, 1493, in an effort to find fresh water, Christopher Columbus landed on the island of Guadeloupe during his second trip to the 'New World.
settlers to Guadeloupe; they quickly took control of the island, and all but destroyed the few remaining natives that considered it home.
Guadeloupe was on a roll, sugar trade was 'King' on the island and the local economy boomed. In 1791, during the French Revolution, an independence movement took hold and a group of monarchists declared independence from France.
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The Guadeloupe regional football team (French: Sélection de la Guadeloupe de football) represents the French overseas department and region of Guadeloupe in international football.
As an overseas department of the French Republic, Guadeloupe is not a member of FIFA and is therefore not eligible to enter the FIFA World Cup or any competition organized first-hand by the organization. Guadeloupeans, being French citizens, are eligible to play for the France national football team.
any player joining Guadeloupe is allowed to join the France national team after-wards without any time restrictions. Guadeloupe's highest honor to date was reaching the final at the 2010 Caribbean Championship where they were defeated by Jamaica on penalties.
Guadeloupe comprises the butterfly-shaped islands of Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre and the nearby smaller islands of La Desirade, Marie-Galante and Les Saintes.
Guadeloupe boasts plenty of restaurants, bars and discos, with displays of local dancing and music. The famous dance of the island is called the biguine, where colorful and ornate Creole costumes are still worn.
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Guadeloupe's premier resort area, LE GOSIER, 7km east of ...View Guide POINTE-À-PITRE, ... Located in the centre of the island, on the isthmus that connects Basse-Terre ...
Guadeloupe Travel Information = en españolen français Find travel destinations > North America > Guadeloupe Guadeloupe is a tropical French Caribbean archipelago with a versatile landscape of white-sand beaches, blue sea, waterfalls, hot springs,
In the modern cities and luxurious beach resorts of Guadeloupe you can taste the delicious Creole cuisine and local rum. The relaxed atmosphere on these French-speaking paradise islands is a fascinating blend of French and Caribbean traditions.
France, Guadeloupe is made up of two main islands, Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. They are separated by a narrow sea channel named Salt River.
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But the first reason to choose Guadeloupe as destination are the beaches on turquoise blue, soothing warm water and palm trees bending in soft trade winds. Guadeloupe and her sister islands make this dream come true.