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51,100 km2
The scenic rivers of Costa Rica attract thousands of river runners each year. Turtle Tours - Costa Rica Observe several species of endangered sea turtles as they come ashore to lay their eggs.
The farmers’ market, known in Costa Rica as the feria, is a celebrated Costa Rican tradition.
Discover some of Costa Rica's most beautiful destinations for independent travelers.
Costa Rica (Listeni /ˌkoʊstə ˈriːkə/), officially the Republic of Costa Rica (Spanish: Costa Rica or República de Costa Rica, pronounced ) is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south and the
Costa Rica, which means "Rich Coast", constitutionally abolished its army permanently in 1949. It is the only Latin American country included in the list of the world's 22 older democracies.
In 2007, the Costa Rican government announced plans for Costa Rica to become the first carbon neutral country by 2021. According to the New Economics Foundation, Costa Rica ranks first in the Happy Planet Index and is the "greenest" country in the world.
Costa Rica Tourist Information - River Pond Rio Serena Costa Rica Courtesy of Costa Rica is ready for the Tourist Season. Costa Rica is the ideal tropical paradise for your vacation.
Costa Rica has it all. Tip of the day green poison dart frog Costa Rica Courtesy of Did you know that, MarlinCosta Rica has some of the best Sport Fishing in the world.
Northern regions of Costa Rica are famous for big Tarpon and big Snook.
Currency: Costa Rica Colon (CRC). Natural resources: Hydroelectric power, forest products, fisheries products. Agriculture (6.5% of GDP): Products-bananas, pineapples, coffee, beef, sugar, rice, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants, corn, beans, potatoes, timber. Industry (25.
Costa Rica began in 1522. For nearly 3 centuries, Spain administered the region as part of the Captaincy General of Guatemala under a military governor. The Spanish optimistically called the country "Rich Coast.
Costa Rica's isolation from the Spanish colonial centers in Mexico and the Andes all contributed to the development of an autonomous and individualistic agrarian society. An egalitarian tradition also arose.
Christopher Columbus reached Costa Rica in 1502, Spanish conquest of the area did not begin until 1563. The country achieved independence from Spain in 1821 as part of Mexican territory and declared itself a sovereign republic in 1838.
Costa Rican Cos'ta Ri'can (rē'kən) adj. & n.
Costa Rica is a unitary multiparty republic with one legislative house; the head of state and government is the president. Christopher Columbus landed in what is now Costa Rica in 1502, in an area inhabited by a number of small independent Indian tribes.
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Costa Rica will have its first National Convention and Fair Center.
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COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Costa Rica is a middle-income, developing country with a strong democratic tradition. Tourist facilities are extensive and generally adequate. While English is a second language for many Costa Ricans, knowledge of Spanish is necessary for legal matters. .
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Costa Rican colon (CRC) Area 51,100 km2 Population 4,075,261 (July 2006 est.
Costa Rica is a country in Central America. In the north it borders Nicaragua and in the southeast Panama. To the west, there is the Pacific Ocean and to the east, the Caribbean Sea.
Costa Rica has bewilderingly diverse landscapes, flora, and fauna. From rain forests, to dry tropical and temperate forests, to volcanoes, to Caribbean and Pacific beaches, to high mountains, and marshy lowlands.
Lucky for Costa Rica that its do-gooder fans, ranging from ecologists to proud Ticos (Costa Ricans), are vocal and vigilant. Nature here suffers its blows, like everywhere, but at least it is taken seriously.
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Despite its diminutive size Costa Rica is a study in contrasts and contradictions. The diversity of its ecosystems, crammed into...
Costa Rica is home to a rich variety of expressions, street slang and unique vocabulary.
Costa Rica is safe for solo female travelers; follow these tips for a stress-free trip. Senior Travel senior-trave - Costa Rica Practical information and suggestions for senior travelers to Costa Rica.
The average temperature throughout the year in Costa Rica is between 71°F and 81°F. * mountain-monteverde-reserve12.
República de Costa Rica Republic of Costa Rica Flag of Costa Rica Coat of arms of Costa Rica Flag Coat of arms Anthem: Noble patria, tu hermosa bandera (Spanish) "Noble homeland, your beautiful
Costa Rica, officially the Republic of Costa Rica (Spanish: Costa Rica or República de Costa Rica, Spanish pronunciation: ), is a republic in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the east-southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south, and the Caribbean Sea
Among Latin American countries, Costa Rica ranks 4th in terms of the 2007 Human Development Index, and 48th worldwide. Costa Rica is ranked 5th in the world in terms of the 2008 Environmental Performance Index, up from the 15th place in 2006.
Costa Rica attracts everyone; from eco-tourists looking for adventure, to couples desiring a romantic beach getaway, to families seeking fun-filled days. 26% of the country is composed of conservation and natural protected territory. Covering only 0.
Costa Rica is a democratic and peaceful country. It has not had an army since 1949 and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1987.
San Jose the capital of Costa Rica has pleasant spring like climate, never too hot or too cold due to its location in the Central Valley of the country. It is also ringed by volcanoes and mountains a...
Costa Rican Football Federation Sub-confederation UNCAF (Central America) Confederation CONCACAF Head coach Ricardo La Volpe Captain Bryan Ruiz
The Costa Rica national football team, nicknamed La Sele, is the national team of Costa Rica and is controlled by the Federación Costarricense de Fútbol. Costa Rica is the fourth most successful team in CONCACAF after Honduras, Mexico and the United States.
Costa Rica has a long-standing football culture and tradition. The national team made its debut in the Independence Centenary Games held in Guatemala City in September 1921, winning their first game 7–0 against El Salvador.
In 1821, Costa Rica became one of several Central American provinces that jointly declared their independence from Spain.
large agricultural sector, Costa Rica has expanded its economy to include strong technology and tourism industries. The standard of living is relatively high. Land ownership is widespread.
the most active volcano in Costa Rica; a 1968 eruption destroyed the town of Tabacon; Irazu (elev.
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