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Projection of North America with Canada in green Capital Ottawa 45°24′N 75°40′W / 45.4°N 75.667°W / 45.4; -75.
Canada (play /ˈkænədə/) is a North American country consisting of ten provinces and three territories. Located in the northern part of the continent, it extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean.
Canada's common border with the United States to the south and northwest is the longest in the world. The land that is now Canada was inhabited for millennia by various groups of Aboriginal peoples.
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Canada prend son origine en tant que colonie française sur le territoire de l'actuelle ville de Québec, fondée par Samuel de Champlain en 1608 dans la vallée du fleuve Saint-Laurent.
le Dominion du Canada, un État fédéral né de l'union de trois colonies britanniques : le Canada-Uni, le Nouveau-Brunswick et la Nouvelle-Écosse.
Au début du XXIe siècle, le Canada est une Fédération de dix provinces et de trois territoires dont chacun a son premier ministre et son assemblée législative. Le pays a obtenu son indépendance du Royaume-Uni et ce pacifiquement, dans un processus qui s'est étalé de 1867 à 1982.
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Canada is the second largest country in the world and the largest in North America.
Canada is a land of vast distances and rich natural beauty. Economically and technologically, it resembles its neighbour to the south, the United States, although there are significant differences between the two countries.
Though a medium sized country by its population, Canada has earned respect on the international stage for its strong diplomatic skills as a kind of "Switzerland of North America", while certainly not as neutral in its international alignment.
Native American peoples, mainland Canada was explored by the English and the French beginning in the late 15th century.
Dominion of Canada was formed in 1867 and extended to the western provinces in 1905; Newfoundland formally joined the federation in 1949. The Statute of Westminster (1931) confirmed Canada's status as an independent nation within the Commonwealth.
Lawrence River, and Canada for the rest of the territory. Eventually, as the territory increased in size and the present arrangement of the provinces developed, Canada applied to all the land north of the United States and east of Alaska.
Canada's future king will arrive in Ottawa on Thursday to kick off his first tour of the country with new wife Kate Middleton.
Canada's future king will arrive in Ottawa on Thursday to kick off his first tour of the country with new wife Kate Middleton.
visit to Canada this week: his own flag, the first in 50 years to be created for a member of the Royal Family.
Canada on April 17, 1982, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and unwritten custom and convention. The Constitution Acts of 1867 and 1982, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms are collectively referred to as the Constitution Act.
Party of Canada, Bloc Quebecois, Green Party of Canada. Subdivisions: 10 provinces, 3 territories. Economy GDP (2008): $1.2 trillion. Real GDP growth rate (2008): 2.7%. Per capita GDP (2008): $47,131 (nominal); $37,722 (PPP).
In 2008, 63% of Canada's imports came from the United States. U.S. merchandise imports from Canada (2008)-$347.9 billion: motor vehicles and spare parts, crude petroleum and natural gas, forest products, agricultural products, metals, industrial machinery, and aircraft.
Canada is impossible to dislike, but go ahead and give it a shot.
Voltaire may have written off Canada as ‘a few acres of snow’ back in the mid-18th century, but those ‘few acres’ have yielded vast amounts of oil, timber and other natural resources, that in turn have propelled Canada to a very enviable standard of living.
Canada takes in the world’s largest per capita annual immigration numbers – around 250,000 people a year, of whom 43% go to Toronto.
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Canada's birthday on Parliament Hill in Ottawa this week, it will be more than just a social call.
will wear - for Canada, it's a matter of cultural identity.
Now that Canada is the first to officially welcome Will and Kate, the nation is poised to return the love.
Fireworks explode over Parliament Hill during Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa on Tuesday July 1, 2008.
Canada's most entrenched historical tidbits, as well as the origins of some cherished national symbols, scholars say.
For instance? His summer tour includes a Canada Day date in Ottawa on Friday and other big-city gigs in Calgary, Edmonton and Montreal, but will also see the rock howler trek to such smaller Ontario enclaves as Amherstburg, cottage-country getaway Bala and Kirkland Lake (population: 9,000).
Prince William makes his third visit to Canada this week. We do a photo flashbash to his two previous visits.
Ottawa prepares a taste of Canada for Will and Kate - Brooke DeAngelis of Humber College prepares starwberries for royals in Rideau Hall. 2011/06/29 20:07:16 2011/06/29 20:33:36 The ingredients for the royal couple’s first meal are patriotically just so.
Christine Sinclair practises with a face mask ahead of Canada's must-win game against France on Thursday.
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sale of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd to SNC-Lavalin Group Inc, the Globe and Mail newspaper said on … More »Canada set to sell AECL unit to SNC-Lavalin: report A sign is seen outside reactor at the
sale of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd to SNC-Lavalin Group Inc, the Globe and Mail newspaper said on Tuesday.
* The Bank of Canada building is pictured in OttawaInflation hits 8-year high, pressures Bank of Canada Reuters - 18 hrs ago OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian inflation rose to its highest level in more than
Canada’s highest peak is Mount Logan (19,551 ft ) in Yukon Territory. Five of Canada’s rivers—the St. Lawrence, Mackenzie, Yukon, Fraser, and Nelson—rank among the world’s 40 longest. In addition to Lakes Superior and Huron, both shared with the U.S.
, Canada is one of the world’s most prosperous countries.
Originally inhabited by American Indians and Inuit, Canada was visited c. 1000 ce by Scandinavian explorers, whose settlement is confirmed by archaeological evidence from Newfoundland. Fishing expeditions off Newfoundland by the English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese began as early as 1500.
On Thursday June 16, 2011, the Government of Canada re-introduced Bill C-4, an Act that will amend the "The "Immigration and refugee Protection" Act, the "Balanced Refugee Reform Act” and the “Marine Transportation Security Act”.
who fled to Canada and other countries around the world as refugees in desperate need of protection and humanitarian assistance. Armenians suffered another series of refugee problems as recently as the 1990’s, fleeing the pogroms perpetrated by Azeris against ethnic Armenians in Sumgait and Baku in Azerbaijan proper.
direction in which Canada’s future Museum for Human Rights is heading.
Happy Canada Day! Tune in for some of the best of Canada AM.
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