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Bermuda was discovered in 1505 by Spanish navigator Juan de Bermúdez (who claimed to only find the island inhabited with pigs) after whom the islands are named, who claimed it for the Spanish Empire.
Bermuda has an affluent economy, with finance as its largest sector followed by tourism .
Bermuda was discovered in 1505 by Spanish explorer Juan de Bermudez. It is mentioned in Legatio Babylonica, published in 1511 by historian Pedro Mártir de Anglería, and was also included on Spanish charts of that year.
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Bermuda is a self-governing British overseas territory in the Atlantic Ocean north of the Caribbean, off the coast of North America east of North Carolina. It is one of the last remains of the once vast British colonial empire in North America.
Residential scene in Bermuda Residential scene in Bermuda Bermuda is divided into nine parishes (from east to west): * St. George's Parish - Encompassing the area around the historic Town of St. George as well as the island of St.
Bermuda has two incorporated municipalities: one city and one town. There are also unincorporated municipalities (villages). * Hamilton - the capital, and only city. * St. George - the old capital.
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Bermuda was first settled in 1609 by shipwrecked English colonists headed for Virginia. Tourism to the island to escape North American winters first developed in Victorian times.
Bermuda has developed into a highly successful offshore financial center. Although a referendum on independence from the UK was soundly defeated in 1995, the present government has reopened debate on the issue.
Fierce waves pounded the breakwaters and shores of Bermuda on Sunday.
A reinsurer based in Bermuda buys another based in Paris to become a company with $23 billion in assets.
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painting of a three-masted Bermuda sloop of the Royal Navy, entering a West Indies port. The Bermuda sloop is a type of fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel developed on the islands of Bermuda in the 17th century.
known as Bermuda rig, which had been used on smaller Bermudian boats since the early 17th Century, making it the basis of nearly all modern sailing yachts.
Main article: Bermuda rig A 17th century woodcut of a triangular-sailed Bermudian vessel. The development of the rig is thought to have begun with fore-and-aft rigged boats built by a Dutch-born Bermudian in the 17th Century.
“As in the US, the economic disparity in Bermuda, which is a historical legacy of slavery and segregation largely based on race, is one that will continue to undermine all efforts to overcome the increasing social problems unless we are willing to address it.
Lack of support leaves Bermuda's young men on the scrap heap - report 06/29/2011 UBP to cease as political party 06/28/2011 Super yacht has St George's buzzing 06/29/2011 Proud students graduate from Adult Education School 06/29/2011 Police find cannabis garden 06/29/2011
Lack of support leaves Bermuda's young men on the scrap heap - report 06/29/2011 Woman was punched after refusing to give man $2 06/29/2011 Cannabis earns US tourist a $2,500 fine 06/29/2011 Proud students graduate from Adult Education School 06/29/2011 Hard-up woman stole
Lack of support leaves Bermuda's young men on the scrap heap - report = Teenaged boys end up being kicked out of school because of insufficient classroom support to deal with issues from their home lives, according to a new report.
Bermuda's international dreams are lying in tatters once more and next month's ICC Americas Division One tournament is in danger...
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HMS York - a Type 42 Destroyer - was in Bermuda last week for a few days of R&R on her way home to Portsmouth, England.
him pursue his studies and how he was taken to Bermuda College in handcuffs to take his exams. He told the graduates their GED qualification could be their first stepping-stone to a new career.
He told the Bermuda Sun: “I left school when I was 16 and never got my GED qualification. “So when I came here I wanted to make something of my time. “I got the books and started working for the exams.
Bermuda was named for Juan de Bermúdez, who may have visited the islands in 1503. Colonized by the English in 1612, Bermuda became a crown colony in 1684, and its status changed to an overseas territory in 2002.
Bermuda is a group of islands in the western Atlantic, 600 miles from the east coast of the United States. It has the status of a dependent territory with internal self-government.
Besides the honeymooners, most visitors land on Bermuda as part of a cruise itinerary; they spend a few hours on shore excursions, then hop back on the ship and leave. What a pity.
Bermuda is an archipelago consisting of seven main islands and many smaller islands and islets lying about 1,050 kilometers (650 mi.) east of North Carolina.
Bermuda was discovered in 1503 by a Spanish explorer, Juan de Bermudez, who made no attempt to land because of the treacherous reef surrounding the uninhabited islands.
was introduced to Bermuda in 1620, it became a self-governing colony.
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COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: Bermuda is a British overseas territory with a stable democracy and developed economy. Tourist facilities are widely available. Read the Department of State’s Background Notes on Bermuda for additional information.
CRIME: Bermuda has a moderate but growing crime rate. Recent crime statistics can be viewed at the official website of the Bermuda Police Service.
Bermuda has traded for generations on little more than ingenuity and beauty to create a calm, prosperous society.
» Denotes a New York Times Pick Articles About BermudaACTION 6 Action Adventures in the Caribbean By ALLISON BUSACCANovember 7, 2010 The Caribbean islands offer a wealth of extreme activities, including snorkeling with humpback whales, exploring bat-filled caves, rappelling into canyons, and
international attention on Bermuda as a domicile of choice for these securities – Ends Year with Record Number of Listed Securities.
Hamilton, Bermuda – 28 June, 2011 - West Hamilton Holdings Limited (the “Company” or “West Hamilton”; Ticker: WHHL.BH), the real estate development company, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of an underwritten one for one Rights Offering to raise approximately BD$9.3 million.
and The Bermuda Stock Exchange makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. Neither the message, nor any opinions expressed herein, constitutes advice or a solicitation to subscribe, purchase or sell any securities.
Being farther north in the Atlantic than The Bahamas, Bermuda is much cooler in winter. Springlike temperatures prevail from mid-December to late March, with the average temperature ranging from 60°F to 70°F (16°C-21°C).
As a result, Bermuda's off season is the exact opposite of that in the Caribbean. It begins in December and lasts until about March 1. In general, hotels offer off-season rates, with discounts ranging from 20% to 60%.
Bermuda is also less frequently hit than islands in the Caribbean. Satellite forecasts are generally able to give adequate warning of any really dangerous weather.
Bermuda as one of the Top 25 Hotels in the Caribbean, Bermuda & Bahamas. Bermuda's best beach resort since 1908, a recent repositioning as a more intimate luxury resort and interior upgrades have transformed Elbow Beach into the premier vacation destination.
Princess, Bermuda's only luxury urban resort, is an elegant tribute to the old world splendor that is Bermuda.
what Bermuda has to offer at the island's largest resort. More Info | Email Us | Map | Facebook Rosewood Tucker's PointRosewood Tucker's Point is the centerpiece of Tucker's Point, Bermuda's premier resort, golf club and residential community.
gushed Mark Twain in the 19th century, and Bermuda's promise of sun and sea still lures vacationers to its shores. These days celebs like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones call Bermuda home, and millionaire executives pop over for a little R&R. The island makes for a delightful getaway vacation.
Bermuda has pampering resorts to soothe your soul. Romantics will find atmospheric inns with four-poster beds and candlelight dining. Or perhaps you want to really let loose. Jump on a motor scooter and let the wind whip through your hair.
Atlantic, Bermuda is a temperate haven borrowing traditions from distant British... Read more 3.
Bermuda Signs Tax Information Exchange Agreement with the Republic of Indonesia = businesswire Press Release Source: Bermuda’s Ministry of Finance On Friday June 24, 2011, 9:31 am EDT HAMILTON, Bermuda-(BUSINESS WIRE)- Bermuda has signed a Tax
place in Bermuda one year ago at Bermuda’s Ministry of Finance and said the signing of this, Bermuda’s newest TIEA, helps solidify Bermuda’s relationship with an economy that is important to the global financial system.
Bermuda will work closely with the Indonesian government in international cooperation through the internationally agreed tax standard in which TIEAs play such an important part.
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It's no wonder Bermuda is a honeymooner's paradise. With its private hidden coves and blushing pink beaches, it's a perfect place for relaxation and romance. Though this tiny string of Atlantic islands comprises only 21 miles, there's much to see and do.
Bermuda was a wonderful surprise. Clean, quiet, calm, paradise beaches, nice people.
* Bike the Bermuda Railway Trail in Hamilton * Enjoy views of rocky coastlines and uninhabited islands * Troll for blue marlin on a deep-sea fishing adventure Places of Interest =
first Bermuda Parliament in 1620. However, they probably weren't wearing shorts back then. LEARN MORE * See All Ports Find A Cruise Expand Your Vacation.
Bermuda is justifiably famous for pink-sand beaches, impossibly blue water, and kelly-green golf courses. But that's only the beginning. Thanks to its colorful past, this small sliver of land also has a surprising number of historic sites.
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The history of the Bermuda Railway—which operated on the island from 1931 to 1948—is as brief as the track is short. Bermuda's Public...
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